Saturday, 3 September 2016

Vlka Fenryka: First Tactical Squad

Hi all. 

Just a post to say as you can see, I have finished my first 10 Vlka Fenryka. 

Only thing left to do is add park markings when Inferno rolls round and add some muddy boots. 

I have enjoyed doing them with various 40k Space Wolves upgrade parts as well as a spread of Warhammer dwarf axes. 

I have decided that the next squad I do will be a Heavy Support squad of some kind, to give Rob McFarlane some time to get his awesome upgrades ready and out for tactical squads. 

I sculpted beards and pelts. They aren't perfect, but for a first attempt I am quite happy. 

I purposefully mixed armour plates and pauldrons up for this Legion, this in my opinion adds a Legacy feel to each wolf. 

Anyway. Back to two Warhounds for me now. . . . Unless I land me a Russ :)

Drake Seta