Sunday, 11 September 2016

Weekly progress report 11/09/2016

Hello all. 

Another week down. It has been a very exciting hobby week for me and the other contributors, with games, painting and fresh projects (including future ones). So let's see. 

Drake Seta has finished working on his Vlka Fenryka squad and is now back onto his Warhounds. He hopes to get some distance with them before Russ' arrival!

Hector Cephas has been replacing his breachers special weapon arms with magnetised ones and magnetising some flamers. Next week, more weapon options (meltas and volkite cavaliers) and magnetised arms for his tactical support squad.

King Fluff has been back on scenery this week. Painting details and applying transfers to half of his containers.
He hopes to get these pin washed and finished in the next few days. 

After finishing his latest contemptor Aveinus has now started his next project, a five man cataphractii terminator squad out of the battle at Calth box set.

Darien spent the beginning part of the week finishing off the Mastodon! It is now done and ready to drive some Justaerin around! Look out for his post tomorrow showing off the completed tank. He then began painting up some orks he needs for an upcoming tournament at his local club.

This week knowing he had little hobby time before venturing into the warp Tylar has revitalised an old scenery project and is looking forward to sharing more on his return! That and then next units he's been painting ready for the Shadow Crusade 'For the Emperor!'

Atia managed to finish her Anakatis Kul Blade-Slaves this week, and also started to paint Zardu Layak. For the Dark Gods!

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