Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Hobby Update

Good evening Bunnies!

Now the Battle Bunnies has an extensive team of authors it really frees up time to improve output and also the quality of our posts! So I decided I would try out a new structure for my own posts and I hope you will take the time to read it and comment how you feel. It will be quite a long one but going forward there will probably be a bit less. So here we go!

Kaelo's Bite of News!

Stories I think you may find interesting.

While at the Warhammer 40,000 Open Day we were lucky enough to speak to some of the designers from both Citadel and Forge World. I am sure you all kept up to date with our content over the weekend and are looking forward to some of the things that the Forge World designers discussed with us - it is hard no to be! But I wanted to discuss some of the information we got from the Citadel team. Now I have to state first that these are all renowned for being tight-lipped and trained to give nothing away. So a lot of this is reading between the lines:

40k Leman Russ:

I asked this question to both the writers of the 40k campaign books and the model designers - 'Would 40k Russ be a Werewolf if he came back?'. The basic feeling I got was that they weren't keen on the idea and that it hadn't been started on yet. The writer said 'maybe it's something he could control? I don't really know how that would work. He is the source of the (helix?) and you would expect that any mutation would be controlled or controllable'. The designers just laughed and said 'they weren't sure'. I have my fingers crossed for a non-Teenwolf Russ when he does eventually surface. I kinda got from the conversation that Russ *won't* be the first loyalist Primarch to return and if he is - it may not have been started on yet. Who knows though, right? It could all have been rehearsed!

Squats, Exodites and Future Xenos:

Next up was squats and potential future projects. We grilled the design team about future Xenos projects. Certainly I am keen on both Demiurg and Exodites but we led our line of questioning with everybodies favourite - Squats. I am sure the sum total of this discussion has been divulged elsewhere but the almost certain response was - no Squats. The design team said you were more likely to see the Piscean return (a fish race) and they were very unlikely! They did clam up when questioned about Exodites and Demiurg - both of which have been hinted at in the past with a well-known FW writer saying that he could see Exodites in the next 2 years and, of course, Demiurg were spotted in the latest trailer for Battlefleet Gothic. One of the designers said he would love to flesh out the Kroot but that 'nothing had been discussed or started'. We will have to see!

My thoughts on Custodes and Silent Sisterhood:

I haven't really said a lot about these yet but I have to say I am, for the most part, impressed. While not a massive fan of the standard Custodes (I literally hate those swords) I am a huge fan of the Sisters! Custodes are obviously something people are going to spam (cheap to buy and exceptionally good) but when used reasonably they will be a welcome addition. I wonder if the fluff will change for them though as they weren't a massively active force from what I remember. Still, small additions to forces will be nice. I am looking forward to future releases from both factions. 

Kaelo's Most Wanted!

Top 3 models on the horizon I am most looking forward to.

1. Ok, so I am really getting tired of waiting for the Ultramarine Breacher upgrade! I really need and want these for my future Ultramarines. They have just released the Death Guard and Emperor's Children upgrades! Where are my Ultramarines??!

2. Magnus the Red (Forge World). I don't see this being too far away. I think it will be released at the Horus Heresy Weekender 2017!

3. Magnus the Red Daemon badass! I am really looking forward to having a go at painting this model. It will be great for the Seige of Terra!!

Kaelo's Ready for Battle!

Completed units and projects since my last update.

Here is a picture of my finished Corax:

I would also like to share how I painted Corax as he is a beautiful model with loads of detail which can be massively daunting to casual painters (like myself). I am not ever going to win any awards for my painting but I like to find simple and effective ways to get nice results. For Corax's armour I sprayed the model Abaddon Black from a can followed by Corax Black through an airbrush. Next, I lightly drybrushed the model with White Scar (being careful to catch the raised details). Then, with a fine brush I picked out the metal swirls in Leadbeltcher. Once both of these were complete I washed the whole model with a mix of Nuln Oil and Pledge floor cleaner. Nice, effective and simple. Never going to win a painting trophy lol. 

Kaelo's Strategium!

A quick look at some of the rules for a recently completed project.

I have used him in a few battles so far with mixed results. Corax is fantastic at taking out multi-wound, low toughness units - like legion specific terminators. He moves around the board like greased lightning and with some of his disappearing and hit and run skills he becomes a very useful Primarch.

Corax's only real weakness comes when he fights against his brothers. While in no way weak against them, he does seem to struggle. This is mainly due to his poor invulnerable save. Spectre (the latest author to join the Battle Bunnies) had a very successful Shadow Crusade with Corax, defeating Horus on 2 occasions and also defeating Perturabo! So it can be done, he just isn't built for Primarch combat.

Kaelo's Gaming Adventures!

All gaming that has taken up my time recently!

Burning of Prospero: I have played the new boxed game a few times now. Mainly the first mission but also attempted the second. The first is very much the initial strike by the Space Wolves and is quite hard to win as the Thousand Sons (unless your name is Castiel). The second mission pits the Thousand Sons against 5 Custodes - a feat that will take a lot of practice and luck to accomplish successfully! Overall, I think the game is good. While not a selling feature of the box set, it is definitely a welcome addition.

Age of Sigmar: I played my first game of Age of Sigmar at the weekend and I am preparing for the Doubles tournament next month. Fun game so far but I definitely need to learn the rules lol.

Warhammer Vermintide: I have been playing this online with Spectre. I really enjoy it. The Old World has a really iconic atmosphere and there is something insanely therapeutic about slaughtering the chittering hordes of Skaven with mates. Great game.

Horus Heresy Quiz: we played the quiz app while in the freezing cold queue for the Warhammer 40,000 Open Day. Great fun, although it does make me feel stoopid as hell. It's cheap as peanuts and as such is well worth it!

Kaelo's Workbench!

A look at projects currently on my table.

Thousand Sons:

I was given the Thousand Son part from our preview boxed set of Burning of Prospero. I decided to follow the Forge World guide to painting Tizcan Ruby seen here:

As with every painting guide I have ever followed, the results were different to those shown. I am not sure why lol. Here are some pictures of my effort:

To finish the model off I did a layer of Purity Seal which obviously dulls the scheme down but even before I sprayed the coat the finish was still different. I spoke to one of the lads in the GW painting department at the Warhammer 40k Open Day and he has given me some tips. So, back to the testing phase for when I start the legion proper. I have a couple of schemes to play around with. Here is a completed squad from the boxed game:

I have also been working on some Stormcast which can be seen at our Age of Sigmar / Fantasy / Lord of the Rings (eventually) sister site - Age of Warhammer.

Kaelo's Planning Stage!

Projects that I am currently looking at starting.

Raven Guard:

I have 10 Tartaros terminators to complete for the Raven Guard as we as a Javelin and 3 jetbikes. I would also like to complete a 10 man assault squad, 5 more Mor Deythan and a few more HQs.

Thousand Sons:

Drake, Darien and myself are planning on doing a massive series on the Inferno/Prospero campaign, in which I will be taking control of the boys in red. As stated earlier, I will be finalising my scheme in the next few weeks and then looking at making a start. This will be some standard bits for the time being until the next black book is released at the Weekender. A couple of tactical squads, Rhino and Proteus as well as a squad of Cataphractii and maybe a heavy support squad and tactical support squad. What else would you add at this early stage?


I am currently working on a special Ultramarine project for in December, along the same vein as last year's Christmas content. It has given me a chance to play with a Ultramarine scheme, as long term readers will know, I struggle with lol. I want them to be my best painted legion and really fit the way I want them to look. It is a contestant source of annoyance for Drake who says I should just get on with it lol. I would like to get 1000pts complete by the doubles tournament in January but we will have to see.

Kaelo's Sound of Violence!

Books that I am currently listening to.

I have just finished listening to the Roboute Guilliman book, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It was great to see my hero before all the horror and angst of the Heresy backdrop. There is an introduction to some awesome characters. The campaign is one that I really want to visit at some point in the future. Ultramarines vs Orks! How iconic!

I have also been listening to a non GW series called Black Ocean. If you are a fan of Firefly you should give it a go.

Kaelo's Events!

Upcoming events that I am attending.

I will be playing at the Age of Sigmar and Horus Heresy double tournaments, the New Year Open Day and of course, the Horus Heresy Weekender! Come and say hey!

Contact Kaelo!

How to contact me.

Facebook - either message the Battle Bunnies Facebook page or add me on Facebook - Kaelo Rylanus

Email me at kaelorylanus@gmail.com

So I hope you have enjoyed my post. I would love to hear your feedback!

Until next time, stay fluffy!



  1. Awesome post. Great formatting. Really interesting to hear the thoughts on 40k russ which is inlije in what i would rather see.

    I hope we get to see more custodes/sisters soon as I have been really impressed with the releases/sneak peks so far.

    As a side note it would be really great to have an post about picking a legion to collect amd how the bunnies came to their choices? (Not sure if you have already done this in the past)

    1. Let me see if I can get the gang to cobble something together.

      Thanks for the comment :)

    2. Awesome. I must also look into black ocean as a huge firefly fan.

  2. Great format. A decent newspaper like read. Try to keep it up bro.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Great post mate, looking forward to the TS and ultras...

    For the TSons, some Autocannon heavy weapons (because there were loads on the prospero board) and a dread or two. I think jet bikes and javelins fit them too.

    1. Cheers buddy. Actually have a dreadnought. Forgot about that!

  5. As a diehard UM fan like forever, I was disappointed with the Guilliman book. I thought the potential was there with the Codex Astartes type quotes scattered in the book and the role of the destroyers. Unfortunately Annandale sort of falls flat with this one. Also the whole thing with him getting his Fist before the final battle seemed very video-gamey.

    1. It is much better as an audio. I never finished reading the book as it failed to grip me. Listened to the audio twice.

  6. The Custodes were indeed not an active force at all in M41, historically they've done very little since the Emperor ascended to the Throne. They take their orders from Him alone, and He hasn't really been in a position to give any. I'm wondering if the daemonic Magnus putting in an appearance will be what spurs them back into action, perhaps viewing hunting down the traitor Primarchs as a continuation of an order from the Heresy or something along those lines. It'll be interesting to see, either way.

    You've done a pretty damned fine job with Corax all 'round. I feel like the line next to his mouth doesn't fit very well with how his mouth was sculpted unfortunately. I'm guessing it's intended to be his skin being pulled back a bit by the speed of his descent, which makes sense. I just feel like, in combination with the shape of his mouth, it makes it look like someone is trying to rip his face off from behind! I'm not being critical of your painting at all, so I'm sorry if that's how this reads, it's a detail in the sculpt that's been bothering me since I first saw the FW display model and I just had an overwhelming need to tell somebody, lol. You seem to have chosen a more-grey-than-white detailing scheme, and I actually find that I prefer it like that! Really suits the concept of a Primarch who operates with stealth over splendour.

    The skin colour on your Thousand Sons marine there is a nice touch. I remember that a lot of the Thousand Sons stories in fluff, including the Talon of Horus, make mention of the people of Tizca tended to be brown and bronze of skin. Did you have that in mind while painting, or was that just happy coincidence?

    One final question, only loosely related to your post: with the Death Guard power scythes and Emperor's Children phoenix spears made available at the recent event, was there any talk of when the Nostraman Chainglaives might be made available? They previewed them on the blog months ago now, and not a word since - my Legion is getting impatient!

    Great post overall Kaelo, love the format of this one. Would love to see more like it in future!

    Edit: Accidentally posted this with the wrong account because I'm a dunce. D'oh!

    1. Even during 30k I don't recall a time they were used en mass. They were defenders who occasionally journeyed with the legions.

      Thanks for the kind words on Corax :)

      Yup, very much planned the tanned skin for my TS. All about the fluff!

      Not sure, I think they will come with the UM ones. Hopefully before Xmas!

    2. Well, 300 custodes would have Been used when the Emperor took the field. I always think it implies he was a active participant in the great crusade as it's always stated he returned to terra. He was certainly at ullanor, so so would have been the campanions. particularly as Alan said they were then when he started the unification wars... plenty of opportunity for fielding custodes in fluffy games!

  7. *holds up a tankard* ... one of these days they shall see the err of their ways by ignoring us squats more ... *takes a drink and slams it on the counter before picking up a pen to write another name in the book of grudges*

    1. Haha! Pour out some beer for our ignored homies!

  8. I really like this new format. A lot of info but perfectly tidy. It's a pleasure to read it ^_^

  9. Can I ask how you painted the skin colour of the TS - I've been looking on youtube and not found any Middle Eastern colour guides :(

  10. WOW!! Love this! I stumbled this blog site last November while in hospital and I've been hooked!

    Leman Russ once he comes back to the GrimDark I think (hope) the Wolf King will not be teen wolfy but more like a broken down tragic classical hero IE Beowulf, Coriolanus, MacBeth, Charlemagne and even the fabled Artorious! A hero who started out tall and proud, who knew his place in the coming war..... he was pushed, was always compliant, was always loyal; being his father's punisher and executioner. A moment broke him, he destroyed a people, destroyed a legion and broke the back of his brother. That moment made him question everything about himself and his legion and the Imperium. Russ would not of cared if the Imperioum or The Emperor ever came to Fenris, he was the Wolf King, and I assume he fought, f#cked, drank to grow his saga... much like the fabled Norsemen. But once the war was over, The Scouring complete there was nothing left for him. So he took his oldest warriors and left the Famg and all that he k ew into the unknown!

    Who knows what 10 thousand years does..... one thing I do believe is that when he comes back, he will not be clean shaven.... he will be matted, a thick greying coat of hair and beard. His artificer Armour will no doubtedly not be present (power cells, energy.... only reason CSM wargear is functional is because it's either newly acguired or kept going by the Ruinous powers ie. Abaddan) Rough hewned Armour rivetted together any way he and his surviving Iron Priests could piece it functionally together. His Wolves will most likely be over his shoulders as capes, there teeth and claws totems. Mjolnar and Helwinter still sharp though their energy fields may be failing.... who knows.... he may even be alone....... his shield brothers perishing long ago.... he may not even know his own name, just as The Wulfen, he may only know the taint of Chaos and that he has the strength to destroy that taint. When he comes back my Primarch, Lord of Winter and Ruin; The Wolf King will finally be as barbaric and savage as the Remembrancers writings of the VIth.