Monday, 7 November 2016

Agents of the Imperium

Hello Bunnie followers. Tonight I've decided to look at the fast approaching army list builds that will invevitably be gracing 30K battle fields far and wide. 
With the future release of Inferno and a full set of rules for Custodes and Sisiters of Silence for the 30K battle sphere several of the Bunnies including myself are gearing up for war to include the Agents of the Emperor, Master of Mankind within are legion lists and as seperate co-horts to fuel our narrative gaming arcs. Hey it's fluffy it's what we do :)

I myself have invested via a well known auction site in several sets of Custodes to achieve this. Now that's not everyone's cup of tea but I figure if I want a sizeable force before full miniature release its the only way to achieve it without buying multiple sets. 

The models are hands down fantastic. And as you may have seen from our previous posts regarding un-boxing of BoP and the new open future releases things are heading in a big direction for agents of the imperium in the 30K setting. 
The Custodes are bar far my ultimate addition to my Imperial Fist lists and I can't wait to have enough to have them striding to war alongside my forces. 
I will be looking at running a Guardian Squad a Sentinel Squad and a HQ Squad of one other which I'm yet to decide until the full rule set is released. 

For others the Sisters of Silence hold a calling that many have waitied a long time for. As yet we haven't seen any additions with the Custodes already having heavy support in the form of the Calidus arriving from FW after the recent open day events. 
Head over to our FB page for a great unboxing vid by Drake of the new Custodes Grav tank in all its resin glory. 

Now these ladies pack a serious punch and I see a significant set of upgrades and weapon packs on the horizon. Feel free to post what you think they should have below and even what you think they should have acces too. 

For me personally I'm looking forward to a full set of rules that will allow for them to be integrated with Malcadors Agents forming a true agents of the imperium list and FOC with additional support from the assassin clades also. Maybe even further iterations of the fledgling inquisition/grey Knights with other agents of Malcador included later down the line. 

For me the ability to use Garro and Rubio with Constantine Valdor and others sets me on a hobby knife edge for just pure fluff list building joy. 

So what we want to know from you guys is, what are your plans for Custodes and Sisters heavy lists, how are you going to incorporate them into your legions? 
And just how many Custodes are too many? ;)

Comment and post below, and as ever the Bunnies look forward to discussing it with you the readers!

As always....For the Emperor!

- Tylar


  1. I for one am doing a similar thing with similar squads. I think as psyker spam is possibly imminent from many legion armies I see a real place for SoS (especially if I can get them to where they need to be fast) I have a converted flying rhino and an Aquila Lander which I like to use both as an Arvus but currently there's no way of doing it in a legal list 😞

    1. I have to agree. Beyond the Thousand Sons once the future Heresy gathers pace more psychic abilities for Legions will manifest as will the chaos tainted versions of the Primarchs who will all have some kind of traits to a degree that will be affected by the Sisters presence.
      I think we wil see anti-Grav rhinos only because they future so heavily in the old background.
      Hopefully we will see more vehicles and rule sets prior to Inferno's release.

    2. I spoke to Blake Spence at the event regarding vehicles. They are thinking of doing a flier for the Custodes but it may only be a fighter. They are planning on a transport for them too, currently they are edging towards it being a skimmer instead of a flying transport.
      They went with the sleek Catamaran style build which was designed to look as though the craft they use were the more technologically advanced forerunners of the Javelin and Scimitar (both technologically advanced vehicles that the Legion use).
      Blake says they are moving totally away from the hover Rhino design.
      Each vehicle is pretty much a mount for a Custode (like a war horse). No other Custode would ever pilot that particular vehicle. No vehicle will ever need more than one Custode to operate it either.

    3. This is rathrr exciting news about dropping the grav rhino for custodes. I never thought it meshed with their aesthetic and lore.

    4. I quite like the Grav rhino however I can see why they would want to move in a different direction. With them being Bulky as well being that slight bit bigger than a marine you'd only ever get 5 in a rhino. And I'm sure current rules don't allow bulky units in one either.
      Although rules can be massaged for differing units I think with the new aesthetic a different direction for the Custodes transport could be good. And it could be Spartan/Landraider size.

  2. I intend to have a squad (maybe a few more) of Custodes alongside my Salamanders acting as the voice of The Emperor, in the same vein down the line I'll do a squad of SW acting as the Emperors watchdogs!!
    Not that the sons of Nocturne need watching of course!!

    1. That's a really good idea. It would be good to see if they include rules for the VF bodyguards. Especially adding that additional fluff to allow you to take a squad of 5 in your legion list.

    2. If I can somehow work Garro or any of the Knights Errants as well then I'll give it a go!
      And VF?! And I thought 5 was the minimum squad size?!

  3. Would be really great to see models and rules for the imperial assassins and spear, from James Swallow's 'Nemesis' novel.

    Really enjoyed that book.

  4. ill definitely be doing a small SoS army. I hope they get more units down the line like they are doing for custodes. Sisters of Silenece already have a number of interesting units in the artwork they could take from.

  5. I think a good 20 Custodes and 30 Sisters of the current released kits/designs is a good core to do a force of either just the Custodes or Sisters.

  6. It's good to see people are including Sosters in their future builds. It'll be great to see the depth they get when it comes to differing units and weapon loads. And what sort of transport they will get if they use something different from the Custodes.

  7. I would like a heavy turret for the caladis chassis. A magnetic accelerator cannon or such.

    Also a LOW vehicle or some type. Knight type Walker or grav I'm not bothered.

  8. I'm Having a hard time justifying then in my world eater army......

    ....But I want them.

  9. Shame they're dropping grav rhinos, but the idea that they each get their own mount is interesting.

    I personally want to collect a little bit of everything, but SoS are so much more interesting.

  10. I will eventually be adding a full 10 man "spear squad" to my army as well as probably 10 sisters. I finally hooked my father into the heresy when he saw the sisters and now he wants a full army of them.

  11. Personally I want to see rules for Assassins and official rules for Navigators that can be included as agents of the Emperor/Warmaster. Although as a Word Bearers player I'd most love to see rules for Gal Vorbak characters and more corrupt Traitor units appearing as the Heresy advances. The update to World Eaters Apothecaries was a fantastic update to show their descent into Chaos.