Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Bloodvar Cup Team: Krueger's Killer Orphans

Heeeello sports fans!

The Bloodvar Cup kicks off soon and today we're back with another team profile! A late entrance into this years league Krueger's Killer Orphans will be taking to field in the coming year hungry for glory! The team is coached the formidable Krueger, once a star in the league himself and best known for his fast and vicious play. Except to see a lot of his influence in his Orphans play style. 

The start of season Team photo.

The Killer Orphans have 11 players at the season start. 6 Linemen led by the team Captain Nunnucrol Deathreaver, seen on the left at the front wearing number 1. The others are:
2 - Tercec Fellcutter
14 - Klarir Splinterknife
3 - Dhara Thornbark
5 - Naci Silentshade
6 - Lere 'Pinky' Hellreaper

No Dark Elf team is complete without blitzers! The Orphans have 3 currently under contract on the roster. 
4 - Korien Darkfall
12 - Durzunkoth 'Zun' Nighthunter 
15 - Qukos Dreadstrike

Also featuring this year in her first season is the Witch Elf Shoban Nightclawer (Number 10), Krueger has high hopes for this player! Featured next to her is veteran runner Qurcal Fireblaze. 

Coach Krueger's pre-season comments: 
To win we must play hard and have the blessing of Khaine! I have made the required sacrifices, the blood of 1000 devoted fans has been spilled upon the alter of Khaine! They weren't our devoted fans either! (*Krueger laughs manically*) League victory we be ours! Those that fail me will know the touch of my knife! We are vicious, we are fast, we are the Killer Orphans! Fear us! 

Wow some strong actions and words there from Krueger! I can't wait to see these Killers in action! 

Until next time, keep your tackles hard and balls in hand! 



  1. Pinky is awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing how many people she kills this season.

  2. That is one awesome looking team! Great conversion work.

    1. Thanks but I can't take the credit as the team was built and painted by Drake! I agree though they look great!