Monday, 8 May 2017

Weekly Progress Report 08/05/2017

Hi all. 

Here is what we have done this week. 

Darien has been working on a couple things this week! He has now built 10 Emperors Children and airbrushed the greens onto his gargantuan squiggoth!

Atia continued to work on the Squats this week - some progress on the Rapiers and Clan Warriors!

Aveinus has started on his third jetbike this week. Spraying it with corax White and then applying the base colours.

I will be assembling my new Servohaulers this week which I am looking forward to thoroughly 

What have you been up to

Drake Seta


  1. Finally decided on my legion!!!!

    Sons of Horus!

    Can't wait to make a praetor by converting the Loken model

    1. Brilliant! They have a great journey through the Horus Heresy too!

  2. What?! No Astartes! The Allfather is disappointed in you all.
    Actually it's a nice change, surprised by how vibrant the green is on the Squiggoth. The Squat Rapiers (auto correct has serious issues with that word) look great and makes me think the Rockgrinder would work as Squat ground transport.
    It'll be interesting to see what they've done to jetbikes once 8th drops but least they'll still look good.

    1. Oh and I've been doing some beta testing for Arcworlde, great fantasy skirmish game.

    2. YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!! I'm so sorry! THEY WILL BE BACK SOON!!!!!