Friday, 1 December 2017

The Horus Heresy and Necromunda weekender

My favourite event of the year has a new title. Not sure if it is a one off title or whether it is an ongoing one, but we will see. 

The Horus Heresy series is in a small slump at the moment it feels, but I hope that it will be ramping up again before or at this event. Having Necromunda as part of it is actually a good addition in my opinion as I totally love the game system and it was mine and Kaelo's favourite game. Going forward, I would actually like it if it was just named either "Forge World Weekender" or "Forge World and Specialist Games weekender". Having Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus, Hobbit, Necromunda and of course the Horus Heresy, at one whole weekender would be very interesting indeed in my opinion. 

Once more we purchased pre-release tickets, so some Bunnies will be in attendance. We won the Horus Heresy quiz last year, so we hope to do so again in 2018!! We may need to brush up on our Necromunda history though. 

Did you snag a ticket?

Drake Seta


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  2. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed that the tickets were sold out before even going on general release. I agree that the series is going through a bit of a slump at the moment, which is a bit disaheartening as it’s been my main passion since the BL books started coming out, but esesntially excluding anyone new to the series from the weekender is doing it no favours. This one needed to be as big and as open as possible to give it a bit of a boost.
    Still, looking forward to seeing what is released and previewed at the event.

    1. Hi Dave. Yeah, They were all sold out on the first day of general release. I was offered pre-release tickets because I have been to every HH Weekender, but the amount we could purchase went down from 4 to 2. The other Bunnies called as soon as they went up for sale on general release and managed to purchase theirs.
      We are looking forward to getting another dose of HH luvin

    2. Hi,
      However, their system isn't able to handle this event properly.
      I attended every Heresy weekender event since the beginning too, and I got very lucky last year to get a ticket because I didn't get an email about the pre-release tickets. This year I got no email either and I didn't get a ticket although I called them up to ask for one right away. They weren't able to tell me why their system didn't send out an email, and I know I'm complaining about first world problems...
      But this has just massively ruined my day.

      And Dave here is also right, there won't be new attendants to the event this way either.
      I'm waiting for tickets to turn up on ebay. Maybe I shouldn't look for them, as I will be even more furious when I see some of those resellers. This problem hasn't been adressed either by Forgeworld and GW.

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  4. Damn, I really need a ticket... I have already taken holidey from work for that period to fly to UK from far away... :(

    Do you guys know if there is anyone who has got a spare ticket? :(