Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Community Question: Secutarii list suggestions

Hi all. 

I am looking for some suggestions regarding a Secutarii army list in 30K. It needs to be fluffy (key point). Obviously the list is based on an Ordo Reductor list (as per the stipulations in the black book), but without much information out there about Secutarii armies I am not sure where to start. 

I already have 40 Hoplites and 20 Peltasts ready to go. So that is the core troops. I am now just wondering what else would be logical, fluffy, fitting and attractive additions to a Secutarii list of the Legio Mortis flavour. 

Any suggestions would be welcome especially when it comes to vehicles. As Titan Guards, how could they best guard against a Titan’s shortcomings. 

Drake Seta


  1. Titans don’t have many short comings unless it’s like a war hound, but I’d say stuff that can deal with drop pod leviathans and melta spam. Domitars could be good although they’re expensive. I use a unit of Castellax with the power blades and flamers and those things are nasty against armor and infantry so you could use them too. I only use 3 but I imagine spamming them with different load outs could be very good.

    1. Edit: forgot technically or do reductor can’t take Castellax.. so there goes that idea, but Domitar are a nasty elite choice

  2. I'm planning to do the same kind of army. My plan is peltasts and hoplites in triaros for mobility and protection. With them, 2 squad of tech-priest auxilia enginseer in macrocarid explorator for direct support to the titan or the transport. I will also add 1 or 2 karacnos. I see them denying some area to avoid ennemy troops to come too close to the titan. I would not add anything else in their "Titan guard" configuration.

  3. I'd like to include a unit that closely resemble some of the Skitarii as they are in Titanicus and Mechanicum. A real close combat bruiser unit that would be an up close threat and distract the enemy.
    I think the Ursurax rules would be perfect.

  4. They're using a Macedonian theme so the two missing elements from an ancient army are Hypaspists as some sort of elite infantry and Companion elite heavy cavalry. Maybe close combat/jump elites for the hypaspists and assault jetbikes for the Companions.

  5. Would a squad of Myrmidons be too unfluffy?