Sunday, 25 March 2018

Weekly Progress Report 25/03/2018

Hi all. 

Spring is approaching!

Hector has been a busy hobby bunny this week. He's continued on from last week completing Rogal's armour, his head and made a start on his base. He will have more to show later in the week as all that he has left to do is the scenic base itself.

Atia continued to work on Morathi this week! Hopefully she will be finished soon 🙂

Kaelo has been working on his grass board scatter terrain. He has taken a week off to get scenery done for Warhammer 40,000/30,000, Necromunda, Age of Sigmar and Lord of the Rings!

I have been busy with various little projects this week. I have been working on some Legio Mortis and Legio Fureans banners, which I hope to make readily available to any who register a Titan on Titan Owners Club. 

Battle Bunnies.