Sunday, 4 March 2018

Weekly Progress Report 04/03/2018

Hi all. 

Another week in hobby town:

Hector says hi from Budapest! He's busy assessing the fortifications in Buda and going to talk to someone about gene-coding the accesses to the Citadel.

Aveinus has been painting his Dispossessed again over the last few weeks. He’s now close to finishing the next 5 Hammerers.

I have been working on 6x Plasma Regulator terrain pieces. They are coming on well and I hope to finish them this week. I have also got a little bit of progress too regarding my garage conversion :) all doors and windows will be delivered in the next two weeks, and the foundations at the garage front are going to be dug up and replaced hopefully this week (weather permitting). Then hopefully the whole garage should be air tight and ready for internal work by the end of March. Hopefully it would be swiftly brought to new home white within a month after that, then furnished by end of May. 

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