Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Knight Errant Nathaniel Garro.

Hi all

One of my friends by the name of Shadow has passed pictures of one of his recent projects over to me, and I thought I would share them. 

"Garro was a two year project for me, not because of a lack of talent or want to paint the model, but because it meant something very special.  The model was bought using graduation gift money from my Masters, so I wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect before I showed it off.  For me, that meant painting it only when I felt my very best and knew I could give it the proper attention that such a beautiful model and beloved gift deserved.  The paint scheme itself is amazingly simple, but the quality I wanted far outweighed speed."



Nuln Oil wash

Runefang Steel edge highlight


Black ArmorPterges, and Scabbard:

Abaddon Black

Eshin Grey edge highlight (scabbard and pterges only)


Brown Cloak:

Dryad Bark

Nuln Oil wash

Dryad Bark edge highlight


Red Sword Grip and Word Bearer:

Mephiston Red

Nuln Oil wash

Mephiston Red layer (sword grip only)

Evil Sunz Scarlet highlight (Word Bearer only)


Gold Armor:

Retributor Armor

Gehenna’s Gold layer

Reikland Fleshshade wash

Gehenna’s Gold layer (avoid the recessed areas)

Liberator Gold highlight



Bugman’s Glow

Cadian Fleshtone layer

Reikland Fleshshade recess wash

Kislev Flesh edge highlight


Silver armor:


Ironbreaker layer (except the bionic showing on the leg)

Nuln Oil recess wash (extra used as necessary on the Sigilite’smark)

Runefang Steel edge highlight


Shadow and I talk daily and we often share work in progress pictures and techniques. This is in my opinion one of the best models he has painted, and it is great to see when someone levels up in their painting skill attribute. :)

Well done.