Wednesday, 2 May 2018

20ft Siege Wall - My biggest terrain project

Hi all

Many of you may remember my Siege Wall I started 2 years ago. It had unfortunately due to space and moving home repeatedly reasons, never been finished. 

Now my 6ft Wall project is getting a new lease of life in 2018 and I am currently working on developing it for an event I am playing in soon. 

The issue is, I now need to make it bigger. So my 6ft Wall is now going to be a 20ft long Siege Wall. 

As you may know it is very modular and 2 ft sections can easily be removed mid battle to replace with a broken Wall piece or similar. 

Each Wall will be painted with a ferrocrete scheme (that I need to nail down) and hopefully done purely with airbrush. 

So far it has taken 15 A1 pieces of foam board and some clever cutting to get it done reasonably cheaply. I have spent the night tonight cutting the pieces out and tomorrow I will be scouring the stone block grooves in. Still early doors but it is nice to see a project which I started so long ago get another lease of life. 

Thanks for reading.