Friday 4 May 2018

Horus Heresy - Last Chance to Buy

Hi Bunnies!

It seems like the Siege of Terra has started and thousands of marines have been discontinued lol!  Today Forge World has put 69 Horus Heresy products up as last chance to buy:

A few items have escaped the culling but even the relatively new Space Wolf and Thousand son stuff is on there. Blood Angels and Dark Angels (who haven't even got their rules yet) are also present! 

So have any of you heard what is going on? Are these items gone forever or are we going to potentially get plastic upgrade packs now?

Please comment below and I will update you if I hear anything!



  1. It seems its the mark 2 shoulder pads and the torso sets eating it. It could be that they are looking at reducing the line to be more for add-ons for the plastic sets. MAYBE they think that people just stick with heads and pads for their marines? I know I go whole hog with lots of kitbashing across multiple marks and legions.

    well, at least after killing off the Elysian, its clear that FW isn't re-tooling for 30k only. It looks like they are shifting to pure specialist games. Which they said they are now doing more off, so it could be a production scale thing.

    All I know is that I have burnt through my hobby budget trying to snap the etch brass, and a few Elysian squads, and I have pretty much nothing for speculative marine bits.

  2. I will be listening to any and all coverage of warhammer fest to see if anyone will ask the FW and GW teamS what is going on... and more importantly if they will give any kind of answer, and even more importantly if we are getting any kind of replacements.

  3. I called FW today to ask whether these would be going permanently or if they are simply being recast (you never know) and they said "these will be gone!"
    Truth is i have no idea but fingers crossed they're going to be redone maybe in plastic???

  4. I heard they were losing warehouse space and can't hold as much.

  5. Sent them an email about it, reply copies below:

    Hi Ronald,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Here at Forge World we are constantly reviewing our range. New products are added and sometimes products are removed due to various reasons like the master molds having sustained serious damage over time, shrinking, and even as simply as we need to make room for bigger and better kits.

    Of course we never like to say never and products like this may come back, however this iteration of the upgrades will not be sold again I am afraid. We do take onboard all feedback though, so we will forward your email on to the relevant teams so that they are aware of the demand for upgrade torso's, shoulders and heads.

    Please bare in mind that most of the items on our last chance to buy are bundles made up of several upgrade kits. We are not discontinuing all upgrade kits, just a few of the less popular kits form each legion.

    I am sorry that we cannot give you a more specific answer you were looking for, but hopefully you will enjoy the new miniatures coming up with future releases even more! After all the Emperor does Reward the Faithful!

    Emperor protects!

    Kind Regards,


  6. What I'm hearing is they do not have the capacity to support their flagship game at a basic level...

  7. See, that reply doesn’t tell us anything. This is where FW and GW have to realize we don’t care about being surprised with new releases. Tell us specifically what the hell is actually happening, are you replacing these with newer versions? Are they being rereleased in plastic? We don’t care about being surprised, give us accurate information so we the PAYING CUSTOMER can make informed decisions.

  8. However, if they tell us that these items wont ever be produced again, then tell us that they will be resculpted/updated/in plastic going forward instead, then that isn't very good marketing, if you want to sell all current stocks! As most people will not bother and just wait for the new ones.

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