Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Adeptus Titanicus at WarhammerFest

Hi all

Adeptus Titanicus will be previewed at WarhammerFest on the 12th of May. Hopefully this means we will be seeing some of the Engines and Knights on display and given the opportunity to see more of the contents of the box. 

11am in Seminar room, hopefully will be given a ton of information on this new Specialist game. 

3pm will be a Tacticae. Hopefully this means we can see a game in action and see Jonathan and Owen duke it out on a fully furnished board :)

It would be great to see the gaming area with some Adeptus Titanicus tables and the rumoured Rogue Trader game. Silver Tower, Necromunda and 8th Ed all had participation games at recent events. 

Pure Speculation:
What will we see? I would like to think we will see the Forge World Adeptus Titanicus Terrain tiles. Would be nice to put a figure against how much I need to save!!

The new 40k 28mm Titan. I think we will see this Engine. It is apparently bigger than a Reaver but smaller than a Warlord. It may have a Warlord grade Weapon Carapace mount and the usual Reaver grade arm weapons (I would expect the arms to be the same design and mount as the Reavers too to save processing/warehouse space). I can imagine seeing this in AT scale too at the event. 

Adeptus Titanicus box contents. Well the original game had 3 Engines per side. I imagine this game would be the same. Personally I am envisioning 2 Reavers and 4 Warhounds in the box. A decent set of ruins would be key too! So a perfect selection for a Battle Maniple. 
I can imagine the plastic Knights will be sold separately to keep the price down.

Adeptus Titanicus additional items. I would like to think they will showcase the gaming boards they made for the game. I can imagine being shown additional Knight chassis packs for the range (Cerastus 5 Pack and Porphyrion 3 Pack), being shown a new chassis of Titan (28mm version too) and another Titan design or two (Nightgaunt and Mirage). I would love to see a modular siege wall which can be destroyed be shown off. 

The next Primarch: I get a feeling this will be Sanguinius now. I did think it would be the Lion, but with the Daemon aspect in the upcoming book it kinda makes sense to be Sanguinius. 

Space Wolf Priests and the Deathsworn. I’m almost certain of the Deathsworn being there. 

It’s a very exciting event and I am thoroughly looking forward to it. 

What do you think we will see?