Monday, 7 May 2018

Bank Holiday Reaver day!

Hi all. 

I have a day to see how far I can get with my Reaver. Sooooo, follow me throughout the day to see how far I get!

08:50 various components assembled. 

09:30 basecoats done

10:50 As this Engine was a 2nd hand Engine from eBay it was in quite a mess when it arrived 4 years ago (which is obviously quite disheartening). All of the toes and thigh joints were in the wrong position and had been thoroughly stuck with a strong epoxy. 
I have just finished re-assembling. 

 11:45 additional spraying complete

13:05 Martian Ironearth added to give paint chipping away effect. 

Reds done. Gal Vorbak>Word Bearer>Angron Red

13:50 blacks done. 

13:55 Bugmans

14:50 Brass base done. 

16:00 1/4 Gold Trims done. 

18:10 More trims done. 

21:00 Legs trim done!!

That’s it. 12 hours. 

Thanks for following me today. 


  1. What a great way to spend a day! I'll be checking in to see how far you come.

  2. Good luck and looks great so far

  3. Looks fantastic, mate.... uuuugh, and I've been holding out on buying a God engine and now my discipline is wavering. The martian ironearth is a really interesting notion that I've never heard of and certainly never considered. I may have to give it a try some time.

    1. It’s pretty good at getting that old vehicle effect. Add some rust powder and it looks effective.

  4. Fantastic progress mate! And thanks for posting the step by step!

    1. Thought I would try to bring 4 Engines instead of 3.