Monday, 7 May 2018

Bank Holiday Reaver day!

Hi all. 

I have a day to see how far I can get with my Reaver. Sooooo, follow me throughout the day to see how far I get!

08:50 various components assembled. 

09:30 basecoats done

10:50 As this Engine was a 2nd hand Engine from eBay it was in quite a mess when it arrived 4 years ago (which is obviously quite disheartening). All of the toes and thigh joints were in the wrong position and had been thoroughly stuck with a strong epoxy. 
I have just finished re-assembling. 

 11:45 additional spraying complete

13:05 Martian Ironearth added to give paint chipping away effect. 

Reds done. Gal Vorbak>Word Bearer>Angron Red

13:50 blacks done. 

13:55 Bugmans

14:50 Brass base done. 

16:00 1/4 Gold Trims done. 

18:10 More trims done. 

21:00 Legs trim done!!

That’s it. 12 hours. 

Thanks for following me today.