Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Siege wall progress 20/06/2018

Hi all. Another night down, as well as around 13 Glue gun rods! So I have been spending the last two nights strengthening the walls so they do not bend or distort, as well as creating the 3 pairs of broken wall pieces. 

So they all have the top levels added now as you can see. 

They are around 14” to the top of the merlons. 

I have then cut out from cereal boxes, all of the merlons that I need. 

I have been flying through the stage where the Merlons are constructed thankfully. Around 40 left to assemble (which I plan to do tomorrow night). 

I have also received my Styrofoam and am just waiting for the wire cutter so I can get the broken sections started properly (not just the shell of them as seen above).