Friday, 22 June 2018

Siege wall progress 22/06/2018

Hi all

Here we are again. I have 8 days until the TOC Walk and have been hobbying like a Daemon. 

Firstly a scale shot with Canticum Malitae. 

I have four sections progressed now, so hopefully you can see the end result I am after. I will be putting each on a base of  rubble too to accentuate the collapse. 

I got my wire cutter from eBay for £30. It is really decent too in my opinion. 
Styrofoam was from 4D. 

It was a bit of a doddle :) 

Then used a hot glue gun to glue the broken segments to the main frame. 



  1. Yeah, those bricks look aces. Scatter some hobby sand or other grit amongst 'em and they'll drybrush up like a dream.

  2. Nice. How are you going to paint them? Seams like there is an enormus amunt of surface to cover.

  3. Those are looking great! The Warhound for scale really drives home the scope of this project. Amazing amount of work you've got done already.

  4. Definitely need a van for TOC Walk UK... great progress and effort mate.