Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Siege wall progress 26/06/2018

Hi all

So tonight I had some help from 2 Bunnies, Kaelo and Castiel. 

Kaelo set to work on the Great gates which allow entrance into the city. Each door is 30cm by 30cm to allow Titans through. 

Here is the CAD design I whipped up for the doors. 

I myself worked on the last of the collapsed sections (a total of 8ft of collapsed walls). 

Castiel helped me out by trimming the Merlons down to size, so hopefully I can begin gluing them on tomorrow first thing. 

I have 2.5 days off now to wrap up and paint 28ft of Siege wall, prepare a series of roads and concrete sections, finish my Reaver Titan’s banner, optics and exhaust damage, and set up some reference cards. 

Let’s get busy!!