Thursday, 28 June 2018

Siege wall progress 27/06/2018

Hi all. 

I have been on it since 8:45 this morning and just finished at 01:00. 

Here is the WIP gate. Sticky pears from the sticker aisle in Hobby Craft were used for the Rivets. 

My mum is over from the Isle of Wight to stay with me for a week, and she offered to help (which she did for 6 hours of grind). Part of my art and crafty side is from her. She used to paint incredible scenes with Water Colours. 

She plastered the Styrofoam section to prevent melting. 

Length of the Siege Wall (bare in mind the left three units equate to 6ft. 

All the Merlons were hot glue gunned on by 10. 

Gravel, slate chippings and sand were glued on. The Styrofoam was given a thin paint of Plaster to protect it. 

Polyfiller was added around the battlements. 

Painting time tomorrow!!!