Saturday, 28 July 2018

Kill Team Inbound

Hi all!

I have always been keen on smaller, skirmish games and I have been so excited since I saw the new Kill Team. So this morning, between myself and Ghroll we have bought 4 copies!

Now I am going to make a start on 20 Skitarii from Salvatorre IX9, a forge world in the Ultima Segmentum who were instrumental in the rebirth of House Vornherr after the atrocities on Calth (my own fluff) more of which will come in a post later this week.

Stay fluffy!



  1. Going to be good to see your Skitarii.

  2. Kaelo, I’m having the same thoughts about 3 to 4 starter boxes. Damn!

  3. That’ll make for a great terrain setup!

    I’m curious to know what you think about multilevel setups with this set of rules. I’m torn between getting the starter box for the buildings, getting one of the two (very different) Killzone boxes, or going for 3rd party MDF.