Friday 27 July 2018

More last chance from Forge World

Hi all

Another Friday has come and there has been another selection of products have gone to last chance to buy. A lot of the previous cuts I found upsetting (MK2 Legionnaires, Chaos Ogryns, paints and enforcers), nod now several transfer sheets are getting cut, which beggars belief. 

For instance, when you think of a loyalist Titan Legio, you think of Astorum, and here we have the sheet on the cut pile. . . not just them but Atarus and Fureans too! So to me it feels like hope is a bit lost for the future of other Titan Legio sheets ever being produced (Fire Wasps, Praesagius and Tempestus for example). I honestly hope that this is because they are shifting the icons round, adding more icons or generally improving the sheets. 

Failing that, maybe pass all transfers to another sub-company within GW to manage the range going forward?!

I purchased 6 Forge World heads recently for Malinax, and all have now gone to last chance. I also purchased 2 Malinax Transfer sheets this month and this has forced my hand on a third (just in case I never see them again). 

Other fantastic kits are disappearing too. I honestly hope we don't see much more of this last chance malarkey, as it is starting to feel like the company is losing too many of these bespoke upgrades or accessories. 


  1. It is disheartening to see so many Upgrade parts be removed from the range. Really wish I’d bought more Imperial Knight head variants

  2. They need more free space in storehouse. So things that are not selling well go first. It is sad, when you see in friday only news "The Last Chance to Buy".
    Adeptus Titanicus stuff (boards, moudls) take a lot of space and GW see in it golden goose.

  3. Oh god the paints I didn't even notice and they were the ONE THING I said i'd need to notice. This sounds stupid, but do any of the bunnies have any Valdor Gold lying around? I have a half completed Custodes projects, my STAR project that needs these paints. I picked that gold because it was nice, light and silvery and there were no equivalents. I was a fool to not buy 10 when I had the chance. Sounds stupid, but I've spent the last 5 hours trying to source some online (based in Australia). I'd be willing to pay retail price for them + postage and something for you times. Asking here is what it's come to.

    1. retail price *doesn't matter if they have been opened at this point I take what I can get

    2. I got one of the last valdor gold that they had but mine was a faulty batch and they couldnt replace it they said they were aware of a faulty batch. sorry i can't help out

    3. How "faulty" is it? If it's just an airbrushing problem I'll bloody take it, as I will be brush applying it anyway.