Saturday, 16 March 2019

Hector Cephas - Titans Primed

Hi everybody,

I luckily managed to catch a day of good weather and had one heck of a priming session! 8 Reavers, 8 Warhounds, 6 Cerastus Knights and all of the weapon options for these and the extra weapons from the Warlord Plasma Annihilator sprues.

On top of this I also had to prime all the armour plates for the reavers, warhounds and the additionals from the upgrade sprues...

That was one very productive day involving 3 and a bit cans of primer to do it but completely worth the effort as now I can crack on with painting everything now at my leisure. I managed to prime everything else a few months back so this is basically the last of the priming until I start work on the AT scenery I have. Next thing on the list, start painting titan frames.

Apologies if this is not such an interesting post, I was just pretty proud of the fact that I managed get this all sorted in a day.

Until next time,

Hector Cephas