Sunday, 17 March 2019

Weekly progress report: 17-03-2019

Hi all

That’s right. The Sunday Weekly Progress Report is back. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know what you have been up to too in the comments below. 

After a very long hiatus from posting and the hobby in general, Ikthelion has started a new project, testing out different schemes and bases to see how they look.

Darien has been working on a new project for some upcoming action. A big chuck of resin washing has taken place!

Hector has been ploughing through his Thousand Sons. He has purchased a lot recently, with the aim of getting a big force together for Prospero. 

I myself have just finished a Death Guard Primus Medicae, and am midway through another batch of Legionnaires. 

I also finished my first Adeptus Titanicus Reaver for a while. 

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