Sunday, 6 June 2021

Battletome: Soulblight Gravelords review

Hi all. 

Games Workshop have sent us this book to review. 

Now I was incredibly excited for it just due to the Cursed City model range, so was expecting the rest of the range to be weak in comparison. . . How wrong I was!

The book has all you need to field a Legion and/or Dynasty from this new faction of Death. 

The faction are situated to the Shyish Nadir (The Prime Innerlands), this was mentioned before in the Ulfenkarn stories/background section in Cursed City. 

Nagash is still undoubtedly the lord of Death. 

As is my favourite feature of the Battletome books, there is a few space spread showing you how to paint. 

The Zombie guide is especially helpful. 

I’m really keen on the Vyrkos Dynasty after the Cursed City. All of the models had such character. 

The Blood Knights are my favourite unit. The design is incredible. Rules aren’t bad either. 

Also really like the Coven Throne. 

This is one of my favourite armies of late in AoS. I really hope they are popular within the community too. 

Drake Seta