Friday, 18 June 2021

Age of Sigmar: Dominion unboxing

Hi all

We have received a copy of the new AoS Dominion box for review. It’s massive!

Soooooo. The box is absolutely packed full of stuff! No terrain though which is strange in my opinion for a core mega box, but still bursting with Sprues. 

Mega box!

2x of this sprue

2x of this sprue 

1x of these sprues

The big bad!!!

The glorious Angel!

Instructions are brilliant as usual. We will possibly find an issue with numbers here and there but hopefully not. 

There is something so satisfying about a several different configurations. The Cursed City box was testament to that!!

There is some great bits in the start here book too for Yndrasta (a strong contender for model of the year). . . 

And Killabosses. 

Then there is the book. It’s an absolute tome!

Rules an the pics are decent and self explanatory. 

It’s another cool box. They have kept my least favourite rule (4.1):

In my opinion they should bin it off completely. Or better yet keep it and move to alternate activations like in many other games in their range (detachments lead by leaders activating within the army). 

Strangest thing: There are no dice. . . 

Drake Seta