Thursday, 24 June 2021

Warhammer+ coming to fans from 25th August!

Hi all

This is something I have been looking saying you my friends that should be done for a long time. And hear it comes! Warhammer+ 

it’s a new subscription service for Warhammer fans that provides access to animations, shows, apps, event extras, subscriber offers, an archive of lore and digital magazines and even exclusive free miniatures! - All for just £4.99 a month or just £49.99 a year. ($5.99/59.99USD)

Warhammer+ is landing on August 25th.

YouTube WH+ trailer:

YouTube Animations:

You can also find out more here:

I’m really into all of the offers and promotions that they are doing too. Especially the models!

Gonna get me the Assassin. 

The Orruk does look cool though. 

I’m happy to pay £5 a month to a service I am vested in, knowing that the money will be going towards more content in the future (more series, movies and maybe documentaries I hope). It’s a great start. Just hope I can watch it on my Smart TV via an app. :)

Drake Seta. 

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