Sunday, 19 June 2022

Necromunda: Ironhead Squat Prospectors

Hi all

We were sent the new Ironhead Squats for review recently, so I was incredibly excited to have them as a little intermission from the Horus Heresy Vlka Fenryka project I am on. 

They are pretty awesome models, and very detailed. I think there should have been a bit more posability with the two handed weapons, so they can look like they are aiming along the guns. 

I chose to do them without the head visors, and from the people who have seen them so far, it has gone down quite well which makes me happy. 

The box contains 2x of the same sprue, with a few arm combinations. The only heavy weapon in the box is the Heavy Stubber though. 

The Champion gunslinger with 2x Bolt pistols is damn cool!

The Charter Master standard right arm does not have a gun, but I wanted to have him equipped with a bolt pistol. I had to trim and Greenstuff this arm otherwise it wouldn’t match what I was after. 

Paint scheme: 
Undercoat Wraithbone. 

Helmet and Fatigues:
Yriel yellow layer
1:1:1 Seraphim sepia, Casandora Yellow, Lahmian Medium
Drybrush Wraithbone mixed with Yriel yellow. 

Chipping (5x0 brush) Tinny Tin, black and Dryad Bark

Medium sea Grey layer 
Drybrushed with Administraum grey. 

Pin wash with Dryad Bark/Lahmian mix to add grime in recesses. 

Fleshtearers Contrast paint. 

Hope to show you the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler shortly. 

Also subscribe to our YouTube channel for a game of Necromunda which we will be playing at Warhammer World between My Ironhead Squats and Honey the Destroyer’s Escher Spice Girl gang this week

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