Thursday, 29 September 2022

Horus Heresy: Alpha Legion Kharybdis completed

Completed my Kharybdis Assault Claw.. What a beast of a machine !

Me being me, wanted to have a unique custom base, a mate of mine had a few broken parts on one of his Titans and Forgeworld replaced them of course, but he gave the broken bits to me for the base.

WIth that in mind I decided on a just landed/landing pose, this was a bit of a challenge and it took me a few weeks to work out how to do it, stopping and starting, getting frustrated a few times, but as with all these things, persevere, things tend to work out :D
In the end I got a pose which relies heavily on a 3 mm rod to keep the Claw in place !
I will try to make a more practical "gaming base" as this is a whopping 10 inches in diameter and not super practical, but will look good in a display cabinet :D

I cut away some of the Reaver Titan Carapace and painted it as though it had been cut through by the melta arrays on the Assault Claw.

I made the poor Reaver the remains of the Red Naga, once proud Reaver Titan of the Legio Atarus, the Fire Brands, she met her demise at the Istvaan Massacre and I figured that it would be a typical Alpha Legion thing to desecrate her holy remains…

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