Sunday, 2 October 2022

Blood Bowl: New Amazons vs Skaven, Unboxing and review

Hi all

So Honey the Destroyer finally got the team she has been waiting for to me made into plastic, since she got into Blood Bowl years ago. Thanks to Games Workshop for sending them through for review!

It’s no secret that she has been waiting for this Tier 1 team for a long time. My Skaven regularly win matches against her Black Orc team, and she wanted a little more of an even match going forward. 

So we had a great game against each other (with a lot of casualties somehow). We also filmed us unboxing the team and having a look through the new Spike and card pack. 

Dodge across the whole team is quite the one, especially with a good strength. 

We hope to have another match soon against Norse, so come and have a look at that too!

Battle Bunnies

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