Monday, 27 February 2023

Weekly Progress Report 27/02/2023

Hi all

This week Eyecon74 has been working on, and completing a little pet project, a 28mm scale Corvus Assault Pod, including some angry White Scar Terminators (more this week).  Also completed an AT Warlord Titan commission piece with custom build base. 

Hector has made some great progress on his Badzone Enforcers this week. Not long now until they are ready to bring law and order to the underhive.

Slow week for the_son_of_xana he's slowing making his way through the backlog or his kakaradon Overlords ready for the new battle tome available to pre order next Saturday 😀

The Gory Crow has gotten bored of the current projects after finishing the Corpse Harvesting Party. So it's back to Ultramarines.

Here we have totally not Sevatar . . 

What have you been up to?

Battle Bunnies

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