Friday, 3 March 2023

Corvus Assault Pod for 28mm Warlord Titan Arm

For those of you who wonder "what on holy Terra is this ?", let me enlighten you on the days of Epic, back in the late eighties (yes, I am that old ! haha!)

We used to play gigantic battles involving huge armies of 6mm scale tiny marines, tanks, planes and, of course, Titans !
How these Titans used to come with a staggering array of weapons, Battering Rams, Power Whips, Weaponised Heads, Wrecking Balls, you name it, one of these was called a Corvus Assault Pod, it is basically a large shipping container, mounted on a rail with a number of Melta Arrays to literally burn through fortifications, or even other Titans and dropping 20 angry terminators to either destroy the enemy Titan, or to capture an objective and hold it (trust me, 20 Terminators in a fortified position were not easy to shift !)

I have done a number of these 'retro' weapon systems for Titanicus Scale:

Because of the sheer lunacy of the assault pod, I decided to make a 28mm scale version of it, it has no real rules, but you could house rule some I suppose.
I mainly made it for a bit of fun, and because it looks pretty cool on my Titan :P

2 40k Containers
2 old building Aquila Buttresses
I used the Rail section from the Tectonic Frag Drill
A few wall bits from Necromunda
A Knight Melta Cannon
Rear Engine Block Cover from a Baneblade
Few bits from one of the new crane sets

Most parts I either already had, or got cheap of bits traders.

To make this I wanted to have the container slightly longer, which meant adding a section, this was a simple cut and glue job
I of course painted the entire inside, in full detail, even though you can see about 5% of it now haha!

For the arm connector I measured the width of the slot, and used 2 bases with , I believe a plastic bottle cap, not sure what I used for it to be honest, I built it a while ago, only painted it last weekend..

I decided to go with White Scars, they seemed to be suitable crazy enough to try out this method of assault !
Also helps that they have white armour so you can see 2 of them inside the container :P

Anyway, that is about it, happy to answer any questions if you have any, for my next project I may build some more of these Retro Weapons as they are a lot of fun, and are super fluffy :D


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  1. That's absolutely awesome! I remember writing rules for these for our group back in 6th or 7th edition.