Saturday 26 August 2023

Age of Sigmar review: Cities of Sigmar big box!

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The Battle Bunnies received the new Age of Sigmar: Cities of Sigmar box for review, and our Bunny Rob set out to paint them for us in a nice Grim colour scheme. You can follow him on Instagram @the_gory_crow.

The regular citizens of AoS I now represented all in one place, finally? And boy are they displeased with the state of things.

The art for this army is, beautiful.

The first page with actual text on it, contains a very tired and slightly injured looking footsoldier.
Following by a nice fluff piece worthy of a rousing speech by a commander.
It's a bit Grimdark

The old world shattering hit the regular citizens hard by the looks of it, and it's taken up to know for them to build up their military industry and organize their ranks.
There's a small letter from a fusilier on pg 12 of the codex which gives a small incite into what was before and what comes next.

We're then treated to maps and explanations of the different realms that the free cities control or have interests in.
It's a stark contrast from the Stormcast, they're shown as almighty warriors striking from the heavens.
For the citizens of the free cities? It's an endless and bitter struggle, where just living sounds pretty awful.
When a crusade is announced, it's unknown if the army with be operational when it reaches it's staging point. All the troops have to walk while carrying all their equipment, so the crusade personnel are absolutely shattered before the fighting even starts.

There are 11 main free cities to choose from.
I really like the Hammerhal Aqsha for the vibrant red of their shields or Greywater Fastness for the Black and yellow-orange scheme.
No shortage of choice for sure.

Page 44 leads us the the standard equipment of a fusilier sgt.
They have to carry a lot of stuff, all heavy forged iron. It is really stressed here than life as a soldier is deeply unpleasant, without having to consider the enemies they're having to fight.
The feel of this book is akin to necromunda, I feel so sorry for these non-existent people.

You can have duardin, elves and humans all in one army, with all the weird creatures that comes with it.
This can lead to some interesting interactions and a wonderful varied army in terms of silhouette.
There's an opportunity here to really represent all order based rases banding together to push back the darkness.

This army has their own order system.
Units within a certain distance of a commander untit (depending on race) can then perform extra actions depending on their race.
I like the return fire order, just fire back at a unit that attacks you with ranged weapons.
Yes please, I would like another shooting phase.
To make remember order easier, you get token straight out the box. Fantastic.
But that's not all, you get the quick reference scrolls in a nice sleeve.
I would have liked for more miniatures, but I know that's not how things work anymore but what's available is nice.

Onto the models.
Yeah GW have knocked it out the ball park again.
These are brilliant.
There's chainmail everywhere and it's consistently sharp.
Then there's heavy steel plates layed and strapped in place.
On the standard footsoldier sprue:
There are 20 head options!
10 helmeted (male and female) and 10 bare.
And I've lost count how many swords, maces and axes
I'm a massive fan of piling on the options for standard troops choices.
Yes you're going to have loads of them, but it's nice to have subtle differences between each squad.

The field marshal has 3 options and show shield arms (left and right)
Whatever loadout you choose, it really oozes the stoic character you want a seasoned marshall to possess.

You want Silver clad knights charging in on white horses?
It's all here again with plenty of customisation and characters.
Oh and most importantly, you get 4 absolutely stunning transfer sheets in this box!
Not like the Stormcast transfers.....these are full colour and very detailed and smooth.

I've not been all that involved in AoS. There's just something that's missing for me.
I really like armour but there's something about the Stormcast that doesn't sit right.
However with the free cities? I think we're on for a winner here.
I want to make a massive gunline with flintlock rifles who were farmers or blacksmiths a few weeks before, truly the bravest of us.

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