Saturday 5 August 2023

Cerastus Knight Lancer in Knight House Ærthegn colours

 Hi all

It happened! There are plastic Lancers! YAY!!

So many of you may be aware that we are big fans of all sorts of big Engines, and have love Titans too! But Lauren, even though she has 5 Titans, she really wanted to have some little Knights running at their feet to act as a guard at Walks. So, with the hope of seeing Knight Acherons and Castigators soon, Lauren set to a Knight banner.

For her banner to assist with her Titan Legion Vulcanum Dark Fire, she decided a nice banner of Knight House Ærthegn.

And Lauren did a great job (you can follow her as @honey_the_destroyer88 on instagram)

It is truly a magnificent model!

Lauren bravely decided to have it running full tilt . . .on one toe.

She managed to airbrush shield to get a great effect.

And the speartip as you can see.

We utilised some oil buff techniques to weather this big guy!

We also got some custom transfers made up for the Knights! Unfortunately there are no House Ærthegn transfers in the box.

A very tall bodyguard.

Bring on the next ones!

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  1. Hi there, is it possible to let me know where you had the transfers done please, I've been looking everywhere and can't find anyone who can do them. Thanks