Saturday 5 August 2023

Warhammer 40K: Cerastus Knight Lancer Plastic kit. House Ærthegn

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We received the new Plastic Lancer kit for review a little while ago, so Lauren (@honey_the_destroyer88) jumped on it as she is in the process of getting a full Knight Banner for when she attends Titan Owners Club Titan Walks.

Here is what Lauren has to say: 

A big thank you to GW for sending us out the new Cerastus Knight Lancer for review.

I have been really excited to see the Cerastus Knight get released in plastic and the kit has not disappointed.

 Due to being lighter in weight, it has made it easier to go for more outlandish poses.

The plastic kit is retailing at £120 which is a considerable drop from the resin kit which was over £200 previously.

I have gone for Knighthouse Ærthegn with an oil buff for the weathering as it ties in with my Titan Legion Vulcanum. 

I wanted to see how far I could push the model in terms of posing it which is why I have gone for a forward lunging strike with the lance whilst it is using the shield as cover. It is slightly wobbly as I have it balancing on one toe!

This has been a much quicker project than working with the resin version, there’s less preparation and the assembly has been much faster. It’s a lovely kit and I really enjoyed this project.

This is just the beginning of my venture into Ærthegn! Love big robots!

As Ærthegn transfers don't come in the box, we got some custom ones made for my Knight House.

Really happy how this came came out, as apart from the Plasma Blastgun on the Warhounds I have done, this is the only glow effect I have done to date.

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