Saturday 2 March 2024

Horus Heresy - Solar Auxilia Battle force (Yes they are plastic now)

 Hi all

Games Workshop has sent us the New Solar Auxilia battle force to paint for review.

You may have seen our Resin Solar Auxilia from when they were first released, and as you can imagine we were very excited to get these painted!

The sculpts are brilliant and we are so happy they are now in plastic!

These were painted by Rob W. (@eyecon74).

Here is a painting guide:

Pics below

Las Rifle Auxiliaries

The Command section
Aethon Heavy Sentinel
We managed to magnetise the weapons at the top of the sentinel. Its a fantastic model!

This model compliments oil weathering / enamel washes so well.

We managed to magnetise the weapons on this beast too!

Leman Russ Battle Tank!
With all the weapons made magnetised/slottable.


Battle Bunnies

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