Saturday 6 April 2024

Kill Team Nightmare - Night Lords - The Dread Gheist Nemesis Claw

 Hi all

We received the Kill Team Nightmare box, and it is brilliant. The Mandrakes and the Night Lords make you feel that you can't possibly consider which you would prefer to be caught by! Its great to see an upgrade sprue for a Chaos Space Marine Legion like this. I do hope we see a sprue for the other Legions now too.

Painted by @battle_bunnies_drake_seta.

The Dread Gheist Nemesis Claw. I absolutely loved painting them.

It was great fun painting the Visionary's cape. I used different skin colours to add detail.

The Ventrilokar is really dark, and carries a dismembered Astartes to battle on a pole.

The Skinthief just loves skin!

The Fearmonger is another great model. I decided to go for an orange poisioned liquid on the blade, as I just wanted to get away from the green (why is poison always green!).


Battle Bunnies

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