Saturday, 23 January 2016

Darko's Future Thinking

Hey guys hope all of you are well. Recently you may have noticed we have started to outline our future projects and our guide to our next 12 months. And now it is my turn!!! So here in my post I am going to be talking about my future. Lets do this:

World Eaters

As you will have seen in the past I have buffed out my 12th legion nicely but there are a few things still to do. Currently I have 4000 points (give or take) completed. I love this legion a lot and very happy with it all. 

What I am going to be doing (and what I am in the process of) is updating the models I have. The squads I have are still on 25mm bases so I am transferring these to the 32mm bases. I will also be painting the bases on everything so that it meets many terrain layouts.

I will also be weathering my units as it was something I neglected to do for a while and to also add gore and damage to my models. Something akin to:

In regards to adding more to the army I am happy with what I have. I will be looking to add 5 more Red Butchers to make a 10 man squad but that is not imperative for now. The only thing I will look to add is any future releases, possibly Devourers if they get to it with the possibility of Delvarus perhaps?

Overall I am happy with where my World Eaters are at. The red World Eaters are way in the future although I may have a go at those if I have a spare moment!!

Emperor's Children

As you will have seen over the last few months this was my current legion to work on. Unfortunately I have decided to put this on hold. I have slightly fallen out of love with this legion and have put them to bed for the moment. I may come back to these to complete further down the lone but for now I have no immediate plans for these other than to possibly complete what I have already, including Fulgrim. This may be on the off-chance though.

Blood Angels

This is where my hobby is going to be focussing mostly this year. Arguably my most iconic legion, the 9th is where I will spending my time after updating my World Eaters. I have started to collect for these and have already amassed enough for a 2000 point list ready for future battles and campaigns. As we have not been privy to the rules and rites of war for this legion I have only gone with mostly basic infantry and assault troops, with generic heavy and fast options until preferred units and limitations become apparent.

I have plans to make up a few models for the Blood Angels but this is a little secret project and I assure you more will be explained soon....

Alpha Legion

Ahhh my favourite legion!! These I can not wait for!! Begrudglingly these will be my project after next. I love the Alpha Legion as I love having an army that uses cunning and espionage. It does not help when I have (in my opinion) the best looking non character model in the Alpha Legion Contemptor, and with the imminent release of the Headhunters and eventual release of Alpharius it will be very hard to resist taking these on sooner!!!

I have been recently testing out some schemes for them, primarily trying out the Forge World official scheme, with some successes and more failures (this is one tricky scheme to get right!!). Once I have it perfected I will share with you how it all goes.


Recently I purchased an army from a fellow gamer and taken it on as my own. This needs a little work done to it but overall I'm happy with what I have got. I will be showing this off to you guys very soon so look forward to some posts about that. And I will be looking to adding a bit to this so more shopping is on the horizon!!

So there we are, this what will be going on for me in the next 12 months or so. In short:

World Eaters to be updated
Blood Angels to be started (2000-2500 points)
Alpha Legion to be prepared for
Mechanicum to show off and update

What are you guys working on? What are you looking forward from me/us/Forge World/Games Workshop? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. Looking forward to see how you paint the BA as I wanted to have a "small" contingent in my ultramarines.
    Good luck moving forward with these massive projects.

    1. Preparing a few testers at the moment and assembling some BaC models ready to throw some paint on and will put up a painting guide post when I am happy with it

  2. I'm looking forward to AL from your good self followed by gore on your WE.

    From the Bunnies in general, more battle reports. A leviathan list vs orks would be good... Drake will know which LOW it is (cough... Bone.... cough.... Garland.... cough)

    From FW I want the new heavy knight. Followers of my blog / B&Cplog know I'm on a knightly quest at the moment.

    From GW I NEED Adeptus Titanicus!

    1. The amount I wish I could do Alpha right now is crazy but Blood Angels take the priority right now !!

  3. This all sounds good. Having opted to paint up a small AL force based on the Calth box, I have spent the past week painting up test models. The key for me was it had to be relatively easy and getting in a bit of randomness into the green-blue. I have now two slightly different and what I think looks pretty interesting ways so I am keen to see your method in due course.

  4. Try doing the alpha legion in metallics. Works pretty nice :)

  5. Once my finances are stable, I'm looking to do a drop pod/teleporting terminator heavy IX legion force.

    Iplanb on basecoating them silver, and carefully applying blood for the blood god over, so they have a candy coat effect like my successor chapter.

    Depending on what Amits company looks like, I may add slate grey to the shoulders and the top plate on their backpack as a proto-flesh tearers heraldry.

  6. We have similar tastes in legions Darko! I think the Alpha legion contemptor is my favourite non primarch model too. Just a pain to paint!

  7. Pentarts metallic teal over silver base works well. Looks iffy to start but after a blue wash really comes together. Recipie for how I do mine at