Sunday, 9 April 2017

Weekly progress report 09/04/2017

Ok another week has gone and this is the first WPR in 3 weeks. So let's see what our Bunnies have achieved. 

Ikthelion spent his hobby time this week working on Terminators and a Leviathan. He found he time to get a couple of games in with a friend and Darian Vasco too!

Hector has had a hobby holiday since the Horus Heresy event 2 weeks ago. He is waiting for his various Forge World deliveries to arrive and working out his plan of attack for his hobby work over the next few months.
Projects on the table:

1) Blood Bowl away team
2) World Eaters bezerker assault list
3) Legio Custodes
4) Cultists
That should keep him busy for a while. 

Atia used this week to paint a Nihilator Agent of the Clade Eversor. Work on a certain other project has started too - here you can see a base for 'something'.

Darien has spent the week sorting out his hobby corner in his new home. He also purchased a new display cabinet for his Warhammer to live in. On top of that he built and base coated another 10 Justaerin for his SoH First Company and also based coated 10 Reavers, a 5 man command squad and a deredeo for his game with Ikthelion.

Drake Seta has been working hard on the Legio Custodes group project. As well as wrapping up his Freki and Geri models. Expect a post soon. 
Not much progress for Aveinus at the moment other than finishing his blood bowl team. He is however working on a project for our other blog Age of Warhammer which you'll get to hear about next weekend!

What have you been up to?


  1. I ordered my new Leviathan for my upcoming campaign project me and my mates are preparing. Having all chosen to take a break from 30k for a while in order to have a week long campaign of 40k to celibate one of us turning 40.

    1. Stupid auto correct, celebrate not celibate

  2. I rebased 50 ogres from 40mm round to 50 mm round. I'm hoping that is correct size since Yhetees and hunters from beastclaw raiders are on 50mm round. Second rebase since AOS came out, hopefully the last.

  3. I've mostly been working on Terrain. Recently got my stuff in from the Worldsmith Industries Kickstarter last summer, so I pulled out a couple of other unfinished Terrain projects and have been knocking them off the list. Getting myself in that groove for when my SW:A box shows up.

    A little work on my Skitarii too, to get a couple more things up to tabletop for a Game tomorrow.

  4. This week I played Drake at blood bowl. It was a great game that came down to the wire.

    I also built about 10 Custodes, most of a human Blood bowl team, a bb ogre and troll. Finally, I built two orks, a meek and a pain boy. Painted a custodes in the black scheme from book 7.

    I also undercoated the legs of my Warlord...

    1. Hehe, snap on the Custodes colour scheme. I'm going to be doing the Wardens colour scheme as I like the contrast between the black and the gold and silver trim :)

  5. Whatever happened to Castiel?

    1. He has been busy with work unfortunately! :(

  6. I've added a Lancer to the growing pile of unbuilt resin and plastic, hooked a friend on 30k/40k and almost got a decent hobby space ready to paint in!

  7. I've built and undercoated two rhinos. As well as assembled and undercoated a dreadnought with inferno cannon and seige fist for my Salamanders for some up close and personal death dealing!!

  8. Almost finished an iron father to use as a war smith/ kyr valen (as long as my opponent will forgive cataphractii as a replacement for artificer and an iron halo)
    Started on the siege terminators and my second leviathan, just waiting on model chain to add to its shoulder pads.

    On a side note, my first leviathan is painted like that, although his is much crisper xD

    Iron within, iron without!

  9. Good work bunnies! Can't wait to see some more battle report pics again as you guys get into the new campaign.

    Love Dariens convertible Mastodon too, so cool!

    I just did a new Atrapos in Makabius colours to match my Porphyrion.